Bringing classical capital investments into the digital world

Link to: Vogemann Green Ship Token

Bringing classical capital investments into the digital world

Invest sustainably in the global maritime economy +++
Green Deal with 8% interest rate plus profit sharing +++


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Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (3)

Join the third and last part of the podcast. It's worth listening to it, because it addresses important new aspects of the Green Ship Token (German version)
Drawing of a bunker on green ground with label seriesVogemann

Green Shipping | Part 2: Spotlight: Sulfur emissions

Environmental protection in the shipping industry is becoming increasingly important. Vogemann is also making consistent progress in reducing sulfur emissions.
Zifferblätter einer Marineuhr

The profit lies in purchasing: Do it like Aristoteles Onassis

The Greek tanker king was a master of anti-cyclical investing. How did he do this and what does the Green Ship Token have to do with it? Join us on a journey in his past.
Jens-Michael Arndt und Markus Lange, Geschäftsführer der Reederei VogemannMia Takahara/Oezlem Oezsoy

Talking Business | Part 2: Interview Jens-Michael Arndt & Markus Lange

"There is no future in acting economically without considering the environment": Why ecology and sustainability in shipping is so important for Vogemann
Evgeny Matershev, CPO und Co-Founder iVE.ONE

How iVE.ONE revolutionizes the financial world with blockchain technology

Our partner Evgeny Matershev, CPO and co-founder of iVE.ONE, describes how his software enables the digitization of securities.
Drawing of a bunker on green ground with label seriesVogemann

Green Shipping | Part 2: Spotlight on Greenhouse Gases

Besides CO2, other greenhouse gases also have a negative impact on the environment. What role do they play in shipping? And how does Vogemann deal with them?
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Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (2)

We continue with the second part of the podcast. Want to bet that there is new information about the Green Ship Token you did not know? Listen in (German version)!
Jens-Michael Arndt und Markus Lange, Geschäftsführer der Reederei VogemannMia Takahara/Oezlem Oezsoy

Talking Business | Part 1: Interview Jens-Michael Arndt & Markus Lange

Behind the Green Ship Token is a management that is passionate about shipping. Get to know them better and learn what makes the Token so interesting apart from its interest rate.
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Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast

Why do green dolphins, traditional shipping companies and block chain technology fit together? We have the answers for you in this podcast (German version).
Drawing of a bunker on green ground with label seriesVogemann

Green Shipping | Part 1: Spotlight on carbon dioxide

CO2 emissions are an important factor in environmental protection. Learn more about the background - and why Vogemann is taking a pioneering role.
Drawing of a bunker on green ground with label seriesVogemann

Series | Green Shipping: Environmental protection in shipping

Shipping is generally considered to be a major environmental polluter. But is that really true? Our series dispels some of the myths and gets to the bottom of it.
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Environmental protection and forward-looking action are two further aspects of the success of the Vogemann Green Deal. We have compiled the details for you.
Schiffszeichnungen auf blauem GrundVogemann

134 years of innovation | Part 2: Vogemann and the global economy

What does Vogemann have to do with the success of companies like Daimler, Maggi and Coca-Cola? Well: Their bulkers provide them with raw materials.
Mit der Rheingold beginnt die Erfolgsgeschichte von VogemannVogemann

134 years of innovation | Part 1: Vogemann in the course of time

In the year 1886 Vogemann is founded - and the history of Daimler Benz, Maggi and Coca Cola begins, too. We bring those different success stories together.
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Green Ship Token | Part 1: How to achieve 8 % interest

How does the interest forecast of the Green Ship Token come together? We provide you with the reasons, e.g. excellence through experience and outstanding market knowledge.
Vogemann Green Ship

Tradition, Innovation, Sustainability: A Portrait of Vogemann

Which company is behind the Green Ship Token? And what makes this traditional Hamburg-based company, which roots go back to the year 1886, so special?
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New STO: Shipping company Vogemann issues Green Ship Token

The Hamburg shipping company Vogemann issues its first digital security on the blockchain: The Green Ship Token. Read more in this press release.
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“STO as a service” by Neofin Hamburg, Fin Law and Ive.One

Strong partners: Neofin Hamburg, Fin Law and Ive.One cooperate for the issuance of digital securities - clients receive complete service from one source.
Meinhard Benn_SatoshiPaySatoshiPay Ltd

Listen up: Meinhard Benn of SatoshiPay on FFWD’s podcast

Meinhard Benn clearly belongs to the German crypto pioneers. Learn more about the charismatic founder of SatoshiPay in the podcast by Finance FWD (German version)
Lutz Auffenberg FIN LAWFIN LAW

The role of distribution in digital investment products

Will personal consultation be no longer needed? Our partner Lutz Auffenberg, LL.M. gets to the bottom of this question. So much in advance: The need remains.
Evgeny Matershev_Phong Dao_Robert-Malec_Agora-InnovationAgora Innovation

“Making corporate fundraising more modern and easier in the future“

As a founder and entrepreneur, Phong Dao knows the challenges of corporate finance. That is why he wants to simplify them with his product iVE.ONE.
Phong Dao, Agora InnovationAgora Innovation

“The issuer wants to focus on raising capital”

Phong Dao from Agora Innovation is Tech-Partner of neoFIN. What exactly does its platform iVE.ONE offer? In the interview he reveals more about it and highlights the advantages.
footprints as a symbol for sustainable financial products

More than a trend: Sustainable financial products

The market for sustainable financial products is in the fast lane. But what exactly does sustainability mean? And does it also exist on the block chain? The answer is: Yes!
Mann mit ausgestreckter Hand  heißt neue VertriebspartnerInnen willkommen

Be a leader, not a follower: We are looking for new sales partners

neoFIN Hamburg GmbH is expanding its network of open-minded, future-oriented sales partners with a pioneering spirit. Is that something for you? Then learn more about it!
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Stuttgart opens trading platform for digital assets to the public

While the BSDEX was initially only accessible to selected users, more interested parties now have access to the first German marketplace for digital assets.
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The banking world is becoming virtual: New business areas

A new law implementing the EU Money Laundering Directive allows banks from 2020 to trade and store crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Who will take the chance?
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Next please: Brickblock starts STO for German real estate

Brickblock has received the next coveted approval from BaFin and is thus officially Germany's public STO No. 4. In focus: a residential building in Wiesbaden.
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BTC-Echo starts security token offering (STO)

BTC-Echo is the first media company in the world to launch its own STO - the first in the world. As blockchain pioneers, it feels obliged to follow this path.
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Stuttgart stock exchange launches trading platform for cryptoassets

The country's second largest stock exchange introduces the first German regulated marketplace for digital assets. The opening happens gradually.
Patrick Schütze, CEO neoFIN HamburgFabijan Vuksic

Patrick Schütze: „You don’t have to be a nerd to understand STO“

Patrick Schütze, founder and managing director of neoFIN Hamburg GmbH, tells in an interview how he came to Blockchain and what his business model is based on.
80:20 Man with coffee mug as a synonym for a financial product distributorAustin Distel_unsplash

Why STO are also interesting for financial product distributors

Not only companies and investors benefit from the new asset class of STOs. Asset managers or investment advisors should also keep an eye on them. Why?
Meinhard Benn_SatoshiPaySatoshiPay Ltd

Horizont: SatoshiPay is „startup of the week“

The trade magazine honors the offerer of micro payments. Founder and CEO Meinhard Benn talks about the business model, monetization and future prospects.
Meinhard Benn_SatoshiPaySatoshiPay Ltd

Which summer slump? SatoshiPay announces new partners

With Bitbond and FairPlanet the neoFIN Hamburg participation announces equal two interesting co-operations with the offerer of micropayments.
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All good things come in threes: BaFin approves two more STO

The wait is over: with Fundament and Startmark, BaFin has issued two new licenses for Public STOs. We explain the concepts behind them which are quite different.
A chain symbolizing BlockchainFré-Sonneveld_unsplash

How Blockchain is applied in alternative finance

What effects does block chain technology have on alternative forms of financing? We report from the 4th CrowdCamp of European Crowdfunding Network (ECN).
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German government adopts blockchain strategy

"Blockchain, a technology of the future - seizing opportunities for Germany" is the title. What exactly is this groundbreaking key issues paper about?
Codes on a screenMarkus Spiske/Unsplash

Bitbond reveives approval for first German STO

Starting signal for a new era: BaFin has approved the first German Security Token Offering. Premiere applause for the Berlin-based Bitbond Finance GmbH!

Digitizing values

We support companies seeking for capital in issuing tokenised investment products via Security Token Offerings (STO) and accompany them as a competent advisor and service provider from the planning phase of the their tokenised capital investments, through the start of the public offering in a token sale, to the successful completion of the capital market project.

In the offering phase, we support our customers during the process of investment brokerage in the sale of tokenised capital investments to both private and institutional investors.

We have a broad network of technical service providers, lawyers, financial service providers and banks specialized in the field of tokenization, from which our customers can benefit in their tokenization projects. This makes us the right partner for all aspects of tokenized capital market issues.

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Together we transform the financial world

We create assets for the future. As digital securities on the blockchain.

Patrick Schütze

General Manager

Hans-Helmuth Föh

Conception & Sales

Mandy Havkost

Management assistance

Stefanie Martens

Back office

Susanne Stock-Jakobsen

PR & Marketing

Markus R. Keller


Philip Filhol

Technology & Sales

Here is your place – as a sales partner with pioneering spirit

Are you ready for the new age of finance? Then conquer the market of digital securities with neoFIN Hamburg. We are expanding our network of open-minded, future-oriented sales partners with a pioneering spirit. Leaders who start now – and not just when digital securities have become mainstream. Doers who are interested in assets that are also interesting for institutional investors. We look forward to your mail to or your call on 040/334 603 34-0.

Tokenization changes the capital markets

Tokenization allows companies to enable investors to participate directly and immediately in the economic success of their business or the assets they manage through digital securities. The realization of the investment products in blockchain tokens provides cost advantages for the issuing companies compared to the traditional securitization of securities and opens up new investor groups. This also benefits the investors.

Tokenised securities are developing globally into a serious alternative to traditional investment vehicles.

The digitalisation of investment products has already begun.

Your tokenised security, made in Germany

Are you looking for fresh capital far away from the stock exchange or bank?

Our philosophy

Tokenization and security token offerings mean a new era. Tokenized investment products are revolutionizing the market for corporate finance as well as the market for the vehicles that enable it.

We see the paradigm shift in the financial industry as a great opportunity. We are convinced that the tokenization of investment products can completely renew the traditional financial market infrastructure in the medium to long term.

We would like to make our contribution to this and help our customers obtain the financial resources they need to implement their projects on the capital market – in a modern, digital and token-based way. In doing so, we place the highest value on meaningfulness. This applies to our daily work and our creations as well as to our requirements for our customers’ projects to be financed.

For the implementation we rely on our active distribution network as well as on our partners FINLAW (Legal) and Agora Innovation (Tech).

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neoFIN Hamburg as a venture capitalist

In addition to our services regarding STOs, we participate as venture capitalists in companies and projects in the Fintech/Blockchain segment. The focus is on high-performance networks and platforms. We compile our portfolio according to possible partnerships and synergies.

One of our investments is SatoshiPay Ltd, a Berlin-based company that develops solutions for micropayments and is one of the pioneers in the areas of blockchain and crypto currencies.

In the medium term, neoFIN Hamburg GmbH will cover the entire value chain in the area of blockchain technology.

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