Digitizing classic capital investments.

Sustainability, real assets & digitalization

Sustainability plays an essential role in the selection of our issuers. For us, ESG investments or impact investing are not trends, but a future-oriented and long-term investment philosophy. Combined with digitalization and an asset-backed approach, we offer our customers alternative investments for their portfolio-diversification.

Our mission

The financial markets are in the midst of a paradigm shift. A new era is beginning with digital securities. By using blockchain technology, many capital market issuance processes are being digitized and automated, resulting in immense cost savings.


For this reason, we support issuers in the issuance of digital financial products. 

The decade of real assets

Real assets correlate only to a limited extent with the stock market , have intrinsic value and generate steady returns even during times of crisis.

"If you want to have a better return than the masses, you have to act differently than the masses."

John Templeton, founder of Templeton Growth Fund


Higher returns through digitization

Cost savings of 35-60%

These efficiency advantages are particularly evident in primary market issuance and in custody & administration (asset servicing).

Attractiveness for investors

The low costs benefit the yield and support the issuer in offering a competitive product on the financial market.

24/7 Transferability and faster settlement

The digitization of securities offers new opportunities for formerly illiquid assets that can be transferred globally and around the clock through tokenization.

A bull symbolizing rising stock prices

Time and cost-efficient capital market issues

Tokenized securities are emerging globally as a serious alternative to traditional investment vehicles, enabling companies to give investors a direct and immediate stake in the success of their business or the assets they manage. 

All processes relating to the legally compliant and technical issuance of digital securities on the blockchain, the administration and the custody of digital securities are integrated into the neoFIN-Platform.

The next capital market issuance with neoFIN


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