Be a leader, not a follower: We are looking for new sales partners

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Be a leader, not a follower: We are looking for new sales partners

January 2020. neoFIN Hamburg GmbH expands its network of open-minded, future-oriented sales partners with a pioneering spirit. Leaders who start now – and not just when digital securities have become mainstream. Doers who have a desire for assets that are also interesting for institutional investors.

Our common vision

In the long term, digital securities and block-chain-based tokenization can completely replace the traditional financial market infrastructure. Firstly, because the block chain is increasingly establishing itself as a stable, tamper-proof and easily adaptable technology. On the other hand, because the accompanying costs and expenditure of a so-called security token offering are significantly lower than those of an IPO, for example. The absence of intermediaries such as brokers and the low transaction costs are reflected in the high degree of digitalization.

We estimate that in just a few years we will see security token offerings in the billions globally. This is because in the future, they will turn even less liquid or even illiquid securities into assets that can be traded worldwide and in real time.

“In five to ten years, every share, every participation certificate and generally every security will run on a block-chain system.” Philipp Sandner, Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, on

Get on board now and secure your ticket for distribution!

The advantages for your customers:

  • At neoFIN Hamburg you invest in tangible assets – because our approach is security tokens that are backed up with assets, i.e. “asset¬backed”.
  • Your assets become globally tradable, in real time around the clock, the whole year round – i.e. 24/7. The German pioneering role for this is currently being played by the Stuttgart stock exchange: With the launch of the Digital Exchange (BSDEX), the foundation for trading is laid.
  • You invest in a fully regulated product approved by BaFin or capital market supervisory authorities in other countries (e.g. Liechtenstein, or Switzerland) that follows the applicable guidelines on compliance, issuance and trading.
  • You send a highly innovative signal – both to your clients and within the industry. Because now is the time to position yourself as a first mover. Now is the time to decide who is leader and who is follower.

The new age of finance has begun – are you ready? Then conquer the market of digital securities with neoFIN Hamburg GmbH.

We look forward to getting in touch with you! Give us a call or send an e-mail to our managing director Patrick Schütze at