BTC-Echo starts security token offering (STO)

September 2019 – BTC-Echo is a must read for anyone interested in blockchain and crypto currency topics. Now the German platform is launching its own STO – as the first media company in the world. As a partner, the platform relies on the Frankfurt Fintech Cashlink.

On the one hand, the capital raised is to be used for internationalisation. In addition, the makers of BTC-Echo have big plans in terms of e-learning, e-commerce and investment. Among other things, the BTC Academy, an e-learning platform for topics related to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Currencies, will be set up as a central contact point for further education.  The partner is the renowned Frankfurt School of Finance. In addition, BTC-Invest is a platform for digital IPOs on which companies, partners and investors can be placed, as well as the BTC Navigator, an e-commerce platform that bundles trading venues, products, jobs and apps.

Consistent continuation of the previous path

BTC-Echo thus continues what has been built up over many years in comprehensible reporting. BTC Echo founder and managing director Mark Preuss speaks of a comprehensive “blockchain ecosystem that educates users, picks them up at eye level and provides them with easy-to-understand offerings”.

Sven Wagenknecht, BTC Echo editor-in-chief, says on the website: “Many companies are still reluctant to go public digitally. Technical and regulatory hurdles are supposedly blocking the way. We show: An STO is not that complicated. As blockchain pioneers, we feel obliged to follow this path. We not only report, we also act and dare to try ourselves.” A great approach, we think – not least against the background that there can’t be enough education on these topics! The market is still so new and already in a constant change, so that the need for qualified information is enormous.

Investing by invitation only

The investment process for the digital securities is starting immediately. On the website prospective customers can apply for an invitation. However the investment is meant only for experienced investors like for example Business Angels. Investments are possible starting from 25.000 euro.

Update 8. October 2019:   
According to a report by BaFin, BTC-Echo has currently taken all information on the STO offline. The supervisory authority had expressed the suspicion that the STO was a “public offering without a prospectus”. BTC-Echo is currently examining the facts of the case with a lawyer, but points out that the offer is only directed at qualified investors and is therefore exempt from the prospectus requirement.

Update 11. October 2019: 
FINANCE FWD publishes an interesting summary on the possible background(German version only)