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The future of global mobility

Gumpert Automobile develops and produces the next generation of CO2-neutral vehicles. The Gumpert Power Cell offers immense advantages over all other drive concepts. No charging times, no new infrastructure, no high pressure tanks and all this completely CO2 neutral. With its methanol fuel cell, Gumpert Automobile currently offers the only feasible solution to decarbonize global mobility.

Methanol as a CO2-neutral energy source



Expensive infrastructure

The charging infrastructure is very expensive.

Long charging times

A truck with a 1000 kWh battery needs at least 6.67 h to charge with a fast charger (150 kW).

Problems during transport and storage

Transporting and storing electricity presents immense challenges and costs.

Heavy weight

The total system of a truck with a 1000 kWh battery would weigh over 6300 kg.


Use of the existing infrastructure

All diesel dispensers can be converted. Cost per dispenser about 1500€

Refueling instead of charging

No more long recharging, after three minutes the fuel is refilled.

Methanol is liquid

With methanol, existing pipelines, tankers and tanker trucks can be used.

Weight saving

The total system of a truck with 4 methanol fuel cells weighs only 2050 kg with more rang

The decarbonization of the transport sector

  • Road transport accounts for 21% of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the EU.

  • Despite this, the electric share of newly registered commercial vehicles in the EU (2019) was vanishingly small. For trucks, it was only 0.2%.

  • As methanol, hydrogen is transportable and storable. This makes so-called “green methanol” the perfect, two-way energy carrier of the future.

  • The market for electric commercial vehicles is virtually untapped and has huge potential. The annual sales volume in the EU for trucks, buses and vans is over 200 billion euros.

  • With the new EU law for climate protection, the logistics industry will also have to eliminate its CO2 emissions. The only real alternative to diesel is offered by Gumpert Automobile.

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