Patrick Schütze: „You don’t have to be a nerd to understand STO“

Patrick Schütze: „You don’t have to be a nerd to understand STO“

September 2019 – Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Token – the key data of Security Token Offerings sounds highly technical at first. Patrick Schütze, Managing Director of neoFIN Hamburg GmbH, explains in an interview how much more is behind it and how he came to the blockchain. 

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Patrick Schütze (PS): Sure! My name is Patrick Schütze, I am 42 years old and live with my family in Hamburg. For over 20 years I am working in the financial service industry, among other things since 2006 with my own consulting company active capital. Since last year, I have also been driving forward the founding of neoFIN Hamburg GmbH and neoFIN AG in Liechtenstein. In my spare time I enjoy being active – playing sports or travelling with my family.

What are your points of contact with blockchain technology?

PS: Finances and economic interrelationships are just some of my passions. In this respect, I have followed the development of crypto currencies closely and relatively from the very beginning and have quickly developed an interest in the technology behind it. As early as September 2017, I started to educate my investors and business partners about blockchain technology. Looking back, I can say that subscribers to our newsletters had a clear lead in knowledge at a very early stage – some of the topics that we prepared in an understandable way at the time are only mentioned in the mainstream media today.

Our first business steps in the matter of blockchain were then in the direction of mining. Due to our close contact to networks like the Blockchain Bundesverband we went relatively quickly in another direction, namely the integration of Blockchain technology into strategic financial planning. The next step is to carry out our own STOs and thus create a genuine investment instrument. This will be the case in the first quarter of 2020 at the latest.

What exactly does neoFIN Hamburg do?

We have two mainstays: On the one hand, we advise companies on security token offerings. If the form of financing is suitable for them, we take over the complete processing – legal, technical and sales. We work together with a tried and tested team of specialists.

On the other hand, we are also active as investors. We invest in companies that deal with, apply or develop blockchain technology. The focus is on high-performance networks. These include, for example, SatoshiPay, the leading provider of blockchain-based micropayments. Our goal is to map the entire value chain in the area of blockchain technology.

So you’re not a developer?

PS: Not in the technical sense, no. But in the sense of business ideas. The STO topic fascinated me from the very beginning. It was clear to me: I had to get involved. But waiting for existing offers was too tedious for me. I like to tackle things myself. Since my team and I have been dealing with blockchain topics for a long time, we informed and established ourselves within our network: With the right partners, we can and want to do this ourselves. Said – done!

I am of the opinion that you don’t have to be able to do everything yourself. It is important that you scrutinise everything carefully and constantly improve your skills. You don’t have to be a nerd to understand an STO. The technical aspect is only one of many. But a little technical interest is certainly an advantage. And: open-mindedness for new topics has never harmed anyone.

What distinguishes you?

PS: Let me mention two stations in my life. I played handball in my youth until early adulthood. The sport is tough, but very instructive. What I understood there: Without a team you are lost. And: It’s important to give your best and to go beyond your own limits. Top performances are only possible with full commitment. That’s what I’m brave about in my professional life, too.

And: As a young man I went to sea. That was my absolute dream. As a navigator I made sure that our ship was always on course. Here, too, I was shaped by the team spirit. And I also learned something else: It is indispensable to have goals and to pursue them.