Tokenization for issuers

Issue a tokenized security on the neoFIN issuance platform.

Custom dashboards

For issuer, distributor and investor

Extensive reports

e.g. dividend calculation, commission settlements, corporate actions

Onboarding of investors with KYC process

Completely digital on any common device & in minutes

Digital subscription process

The time of paper subscription forms is over

No interactions with crypto wallets or blockchain

You don't have to be an IT nerd to use our platform

Securities prospectus or information sheet from experts

Our lawyers for capital market law take care of the entire admission process
Benefit from our experience
The neoFIN team is very familiar with the design of tokenized issues. We are also familiar with the processes and requirements of BaFin. Our lawyer for capital market law has already had several prospectuses successfully reviewed by BaFin. We can also advise on the issuance via Liechtenstein.
Expertise in distributed ledger technology

Our Chief Technology Officer Philip Filhol has been an integral part of the German blockchain scene for years. For every issue on the neoFIN platform, you can rely on his expertise and use the optimal blockchain for your issue at the time.

Advantages of tokenization

Issuing digital or tokenized securities on the blockchain has multiple benefits for the issuers.

Always up to date information

The issuer knows at all times which investor holds which number of a particular financial instrument issued by them. Particularly due to the increasingly stringent due diligence requirements in the banking system, this is a decisive advantage over a classic securities issue.

Liquidity for all asset classes

Formerly illiquid assets become fungible through tokenization. On suitable secondary markets, your investors can trade the assets with international investors. This gives your issuance a whole new kind of attractiveness. 

Transaction speed

Tokenized securities are not securitized. Transaction costs differ depending on the blockchain used, but the technologies have one thing in common –  transactions are carried out in seconds and thus offer a substantial advantage over classic securities.

Reduction of issuance costs

A study conducted by Finoa and Cashlink shows potential cost savings of 35-65% compared to traditional securitization.
The study focuses on four cost points of an issue and draws a comparison to the classic issue in each case.

  • Legal and transaction structuring before the issue
  • Primary market issuance services and transactions
  • Asset lifecycle management (custody and asset servicing)
  • Trading of assets on the secondary market

If you are interested in the study, you can register at Cashlink to download it as a PDF.

neoFIN as product provider

We look forward to a cooperation

The decade of real assets

Uncertainty on the overheated stock markets is growing. neoFIN focuses on real assets, such as bulkers of the shipping company Vogemann

Our focus is on sustainability

Solar and wind farms & tidal or hydroelectric power plants

Tokenize your assets!

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