Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (2)

Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (2)

September 2020 | In the second part of the CAPinside podcast, Ci Managing Director Achim Denkel wants to know exactly what’s going on. What does a ship like a Green Dolphin actually cost? And what does it earn in return? Markus Lange and Jens-Michael Arndt from the Vogemann shipping company and Patrick Schütze from neoFIN Hamburg have the answers.

One focus of this podcast series is the topic of financing. After all, even a shipping company like Vogemann doesn’t pay the 24 million US dollars per newbuilding from petty cash.

Finding a bank to provide a loan for the purchase of these ultra-modern ships is currently becoming a matter of course. After all, the banks are also focusing on sustainability. So there is no lack of offers from the ship financing banks.

Nevertheless, Vogemann sticks to its motto: It’s all in the mix. The share of credit should remain as low as possible. For the rest, there are subordinated, tokenized profit participation rights with a fixed annual interest rate in the form of the Green Ship Token. The shipping company calculates the approach to this very precisely and conservatively.

Also worth knowing: How does the ship actually earn money? And why is Vogemann interested in reducing fuel consumption when the operating costs are paid by the charterer?

Questions like these are of course particularly important for investors who are interested in the Green Ship Token. After all, the eight percent interest must be earned. And not only that: The approach of profit sharing is also explained again in this episode. Because Patrick Schütze is assuming a double-digit interest rate.

Have fun listening, either on CAPinside or on SoundCloud (German version only).