Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (3)

Listen up: Vogemann and neoFIN on CAPinside Podcast (3)

October 2020 | How exactly does an investment in the Vogemann Green Ship Token actually work? Where does the 8 percent interest forecast come from? And what is the investment strategy? These are the questions addressed in the third and final part of the CAPinside podcast with Patrick Schütze from neoFIN Hamburg and Markus Lange and Jens-Michael Arndt from Reederei Vogemann.  

Don’t be afraid of investing in a blind pool: Jens-Michael Arndt explains why the shipping company is not yet focusing on any specific ships. Because: It is all about seizing market opportunities. And because of the extreme dynamics of the market, it makes sense to make them as flexible as possible. Vogemann’s three-pillar model offers the perfect conditions for this, because here the knowledge from the shipping company and the brokerage comes together, so that the information complements each other like a puzzle. And what remains in any case is the investment strategy: it is of course about future-proof, energy-efficient bulk carriers, there is nothing to shake about that. 


Patrick Schütze describes where his fascination for shipping comes from: He himself went to sea and has, from his speed boat, come closer to bulk carriers than almost any of us. This is why he also takes up the cudgels for the seamen who play an important role in our supply. Investing in the Green Ship Token not only promotes green shipping, but also an important branch of the profession. An admixture of five to ten percent of the portfolio is recommended. 

Enjoy listening – and come aboard!

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