Tradition, Innovation, Sustainability: A Portrait of Vogemann

Vogemann Green Ship

Tradition, Innovation, Sustainability: A Portrait of Vogemann

Which company is behind the Green Ship Token?

July 2020 – With the Green Ship Token, the Hamburg shipping company Vogemann is issuing the first digital security in the segment of bulk carriers – ships that supply us with raw materials that form the basis of our daily needs. Who is behind the Green Deal? And what makes this traditional company, founded in 1886, so special?

The unique 3-pillar model

The shipping group H. Vogemann is specialized in the business of bulk cargo transport with so-called bulkers. As the only company worldwide in this niche, Vogemann combines three essential competences under one roof:

The brokerage/chartering, the shipping company and the service companies. With this combination, the Hamburg-based company with a long tradition covers the entire value chain of bulk shipping – both for itself and as a service provider for others. The business model based on three independent, solid pillars creates synergies and is the basis for sustainable success.

The management

Vogemann is still owner-managed today: Jens-Michael Arndt and Markus Lange represent the shipping company and Vogemann Green Ship Token GmbH as managing partners. Alan Woo, Frank Jensen and Lars Rudebeck manage the brokerage in the same position. They exemplify what makes Vogemann so successful: long-standing, intensive partnerships, short but well-considered decision-making processes and a deep understanding of what clients need. Because only those who know their market can play a decisive role in it.

The absolute sustainability

At Vogemann ecology and economy have always gone hand in hand. This also applies to the expansion of the fleet: Vogemann relies on “Green Ships” for its new acquisitions, for example on bulkers of the Green Dolphin class. They are characterized by state-of-the-art main engines and low consumption values and are almost ten years ahead of the requirements of the International Maritime Organization and the competition in terms of CO2 emissions. 

Of these, ships built by two Vogemann are already sailing the seas. The “Voge Sophie” and her sister ship “Sea Eagle” even set a record: In their class between 22,000 and 42,000 metric tons deadweight, they are the only ships in the world that already meet the highest emission standard EEDI Phase 3.

The human component

Vogemann actively assumes responsibility for people and the environment. This also includes careful treatment of employees on land and at sea. This is particularly evident in the conditions on board: above-average crew sizes and automated processes allow for rest periods, and the ship’s own Internet allows the crew to keep in touch with their families.

The own history

Innovative strength, courage and foresight: these values have accompanied the company since its foundation by Johann Heinrich Vogemann in 1886 and the generations that followed him until today. This includes facing change with confidence and foresight and setting the course for healthy growth even in difficult times. This is how Vogemann meets the challenges to this day. Countercyclical investment is part of this: with the latest orders for fleet expansion, the company is benefiting from low purchase prices and at the same time closing the global supply gap that threatens to exist in the coming years.

Would you like to learn more about the Vogemann Group? Then take a look at their website There you will also find further information about the Vogemann Green Ship Token. You can make your first Green Deal on the blockchain here.