August 2020 | The Green Ship Token promises 8 percent interest. In the event of good business development, there is even the prospect of profit sharing. How can one still, with the current low to negative interest rates and crashing stock markets, make such forecasts? Here come two more good reasons for the Green Deal: Environmental protection and forward-looking action are two further aspects of the successful concept of the Vogemann Green Deal.

Vogemann positions itself as a pioneer in environmental protection


Since 2014, the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) has been the indicator for increasing energy efficiency on ships and reducing their pollutant emissions. Environmental protection requirements are increasing in phases. We are currently in phase 1 – but Vogemann is already preparing for phase 3, which will come into force from 2029. A total of two ships on the global market currently meet the requirements of phase 3, both of which are new Vogemann constructions: the “Voge Sophie” and her sister ship “Sea Eagle”. In short, both ships of the Green Dolphin class are ten years ahead of the market in terms of climate protection and energy efficiency. There is no question that the coming Vogemann investments will also go into modern Handysize bulkers.

Graph showing only 2 ships fulfill the 2029 requirements of CO2 now

Vogemann prevents the fleet situation


The global fleet of Handysize Bulkers is facing a shortage. Many ships are outdated. 558 of these ships are over 20 years old at this point. They will soon be phased out, especially as they do not at all meet the current requirements for emission values and energy efficiency. This compares with just 129 new orders that will be delivered this year and next. 


You don’t have to be a computing genius to spot this discrepancy. The fatal thing about the situation is that the bulkers are urgently needed because they simply deliver things of our daily consumption. And this will not decrease even in times of crisis, because while the fleet shrinks, the world population grows. Incessantly. From currently more than 7.7 billion by another 82 million a year. This is practically the number of an entire German population, to give you a comparison. They all need to be fed. Vogemann’s decision to invest in expanding the fleet now ensures our security of supply in the future.

Graph of handy size bulker fleet_old vs order book

Now you know more about the interrelationships between ecology and economy in shipping and the opportunities arising from the shortage of the fleet. Both are further arguments for the positive economic development of the Vogemann Green Ship Token. In part three we have even more aspects for you. You can find part one here


Are you curious about the Vogemann Green Ship Token? On the Vogemann page you can find out more about the offer. You can find the issuing page here