Green Ship Token | Part 1: How to achieve 8 % interest

Green Ship Token | Part 1: How to achieve 8 % interest

July 2020 | Vogemann’s successful concept combines the right timing with the right asset – and a large portion of professional management. This applies to the shipping company as well as to the Green Ship Token. 

The Green Shipping Token promises 8 percent interest. In the event of good business development, there is even the prospect of profit sharing. How can one still make such forecasts today, with the current low to negative interest rates and crashing stock markets? The Vogemann shipping company from Hamburg knows how to. From experience. 

The secret of success is rarely based on just one factor. As a rule, it is an interaction of different components. This is also the case with the issuer of the Green Shipping Token. Behind the (legally required, newly registered this year) Vogemann Green Shipping GmbH is the Hamburg shipping company Vogemann, which is now in its 135th year of company history. A lot of experience and market knowledge comes together. Both contribute to the forecast. So how does the Green Ship Token, through which investments are made in bulk carriers, so-called bulkers, come about such an interest payment?

Excellence through experience

Top performances are rarely a random result. Just think of outstanding athletes like Steffi Graf, Sebastian Vettel or Manuel Neuer. Behind their successes are years of training and great talent. It is no coincidence that Ulf Merbold and Alexander Gerst are among the most important astronauts in the world. They are characterized by boundless curiosity and iron discipline. Suitability meets experience, concentration meets constancy. This also applies to the Vogemann management and team – and the approach to their success story.

Vogemann knows the market conditions

Newbuilding prices for Handysize bulkers are currently around 40% lower than in 2008:


Purchase prices for Handysize bunkers

And a great deal has also changed technically: the ships being built today are technologically at a completely different level than their sisters that were built then and are still sailing the world’s oceans today. Innovation does not stop at an industry as traditional as shipbuilding. On the contrary: hardly any other sector is likely to have seen as many new developments as the oldest means of transport in the world. 

This means that the ships that are ordered today and – in the case of Vogemann – built at Chinese shipyards are significantly cheaper than their older sisters and yet, from a technical and thus economic point of view, they are far superior to the older ships. 

Excellence through experience and outstanding market knowledge are only two of the success factors that allow for such a high interest rate forecast as with the Green Ship Token. In the following parts of our series you will learn more about this. 

Are you curious about the Vogemann Green Ship Token? On Vogemann’s website  you can find out more about the shipping company.